lazy days

I've been very busy doing absolutely nothing, even the blog has been a little quiet. The only thing I've been working on is this December project.


The landscape is turning white

I think this is the most beautiful decoration for a Christmas tree, unfortunately it's not going to last for a very long time once it is taken inside, so I better go and find my box of glittering stars and goblins.Merry christmas to you all!


abc favorite

This is a book all Danes know. A favorite at our home, beautiful drawings by IB SPANG OLSEN and funny poetry.

december kick-off

...a little late, but! I got this super cool "wild child" WUNDERBAUM today (in my christmas package calendar), think it must be the beginning of a great new collection!


keep smiling!

I need one of these with a big mild and long-lasting smile at the moment;) More fantastic work from Sascha Nordmeter HERE
Cool identity collection HERE.


old sign

lucky me!

just found these granny-like vases in a container in my backyard.


my collection of children's tattoos

#61 homemade christmas calenders in storms kiosk

A small homemade pocket christmas calender with 24 original doodles/drawings/paper cuts, so you can flip a page every day in December. Of course it's a surprise what's on the pages. (I don't even know it myself yet, but I guess I'll figure it out very soon;) Limited edition, only these five pieces in STORMS KIOSK.

cmyk(t) movie clip!

found this funny type made by a Swiss art duo called THEMES. And look at THIS beautiful movie clip about production of printing colors.


nice bath toy

plastic bath toys designed by Patrick Rylands in 1970. Can I wish for these even though I'm not 2 years old and don't have a bathtub?

say hello to Sally...

...my parents new little JACK RUSSEL puppy. Most of the time it's rushing around and snapping in everything, but it's really cute when it sleeps!


#60 pancake weather

Today it was cold, windy...and it rained. Pancake weather!
I drew this recipe for Aldus when he was quite small, so he could "read" what should go in the pancake dough.
We still use it every time.


No work today (lovely!) and time to finish the knitting bag!

Looking so much forward to this weekend (have had a little overload of work, lately!). Nice weekend to you!


sunday fun:) #4

Big ba-da boom, by Aldus. How cool is he?!