# 34 more sketches

dance dance, fun fun!

DANCE DANCE, Fun fun! See the process-video HERE.


pepa prieto

look at pepa prietos fine work found via 50 kvadrat, a great must-see-blog.



nice patterns from FRESHMABROUKA on flikr found via DOODLES ANONYMOUS



(Maybe the cat is trying to tell me something about "more attention"?)
...very soon Aldus and I are going for a "little-long-weekend-trip" to Berlin. I've been there many times ("typo" and study) but I've never been there with a child before. Although he'll soon be 12, it's probably far too early to show him my favorite bar. And shopping is not exactly his favorite...so any good ideas? Anyway we are looking so much forward to that trip...(hope the volcano behaves!)


my sketch books

Before I got this blog I collected all kind of inspirations and cut outs in my sketch books, now I keep most of it in here.



Look at these beautiful handmade embroidered jewelry. They are so fine!
(I guess this is very old news for some of you, but for the rest ...) See more HERE


nice book, wish it was mine...

...but of course it's sold out. See more amazing books HERE. And take your time to visit YUKARI MIYAGIS HOMEPAGE, it's nice.

kenya hara

a truly amazing designer / artist, I was so lucky to see his exhibition "Senseware" last year in Milan, a great experience. See more HERE

how to get a child

Many of my Danish friends probably know this cute book from the 70's, it's about how to make children! It is still one of the most illustrative and pedagogical fine books about that subject, although it uses some naughty words! I got it when I was 5 (gess I had come up with some funny questions!), and I asked my grandmum to read it for me...she didn't want to (Ha ha! Guess it was a little over the top!)



Cool memo-game for typo-neerds. Se more of Sara Strand's work HERE


cato thau-jensen


collection of cork stoppers

I started this collection to gather ammunition for Aldus crossbow. A good thing to collect, right?


Rod Hunting


The ghost's dinner

One of my son's favorite books when he was younger. Ghosts are having dinner at a frend, they are changing appearance every time they eat something new ("you are what you eat"), when they eat ice creme they become completely invisible, finally they drink milk and luckily they get their white color back. Story and fine illustrations of JACQUES DUQUENNOY



I spent most of this sunday cleaning the house, not exactly my favorite. The funniest part was when I chased the cat with the vacuum cleaner...(very adult!)...I convinced myself that the cat also thought it was funny.
The baby in this lovely old picture is my sweet mom, . Very cute!


at the flea market today

Today the sun was shining, and I went to the flea market on Nørrebrogade. I came home empty-handed, there wasn't really anything that shouted "Buy me!"

my new sketch book

this fine handmade book was a present from my dear friend Selma, visit her homepage and shop HERE