jump around! Happy weekend to you all.


water color eksperiment

looks a bit like the "great art" I did back in kindergarten.Obviously still playing around and it is great fun. Wonder if my mum would get as happy as back then, to get one of these for christmas. Maybe not:) Free font for download at HOUSE INDUSTRIES



Sun and rain, Aldus doing homework, me drinking coffee baking and cleaning. Radio in the background. Even thoug cleaning isn't my favorite this is sunday...and I like:)


have a nice weekend:)

stone cairns built of stone we found on the beach this summer, beautiful clouds and new (2B absolute favorite!) pencil supplies. This is going to be a nice weekend.


what a sad day

Three weeks ago we found out that the cat was sick - something with the kidney. We hoped that it would get better but unfortunately things just went the wrong way. This thusday the cat was in so bad condition that we had to take it to the vet... And now it feels very empty here.


last summer holiday

Then it came...the last summer holiday. We took our bikes and found a fantastic place full of blackberries. The cat on the balcony still very ill:(, and a large bouquet of wild flowers. A nice day that ended with a huge portion of pancakes with ice cream and blackberries, delicious!


Japanise facrics

These super cool Japanese fabrics I got from my sister for christmas. So far I have saved them for something special, but now I'm doing a quick mini-project, I can show you the results tomorrow :)

more from summer trip

favorite motif...



will somebody please clean up my desk (and the rest of my apartment) while I'm in the cinema? Thank you in advance.


snapshots from this year summer tour at sea

Last year it was raining and raining, cozy but... This year:) Nice wind most of the time, sun and long light summer nights awsome sunsets and a huge collection of mosquito bites to remind me of a super nice summer trip.