posters on my wall

cool color palette and some arty-farty stuf: INSPIRATION#1
Drawing with pen (and patience): INSPIRATION#2
German graphic designer: INSPIRATION#3


new books in house

The heavy blue book is designed by Aldus father, Adrian Täckman for Arkitektens Forlag, really nice layout! And the other one is my own work, a book in progress. Will show you some shots from the inside some day soon.


(And unfortunately it looks like it's no longer possible to comment (at least not anonymous) even though the settings are rigth. Does anybody know what might be wrong? You can post me a mail: stormrikke@gmail.com if you have any suggestions)


nail polish

borrow a dog

since we no longer have Missefrans we are in lack of "animal contact" and then it's a good thing to borrow a dog