#92 Godt nytår!

Happy new year! May 2011 bring you all happiness and a lot of fun.



I am now the happy owner of this IPHONE (felt I had to wait for my old phone to break down). And Aldus gave me running equipment for Christmas ... so now there are no more excuses. WORDFEUD is my favorite game. (Jeg spiller på dansk bane og har brugernavn "Rikke Storm", hvis der er nogen danske blog venner som har lyst til at spille med mig:)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Look at THIS amazing Christmas carol (played on Ipad &Iphone!)


#90 cut out doodles

New Year greetings on my wall...(work in progress)


yesterday evening

I have to brag a little. My sister created this absolutely stunning scenography. Ever since the summer holidays she has cut and pasted for five different christmas trees (the happy, the sad, the love tree, the ice splinters tree, and the god tree). And yesterday was premiere evening. Such a great experience, I was proud and Sofie was so so happy.

Juletræerne kan ses i Grønnegade (Næstved) teaterstykke "Et barn er født..." frem til d.18 december.

And more Christmas feelings HERE.


job & roel wouters

cool graphic DESIGNERS, also did THIS music video, and love THIS , and THIS video. Taler på DAC i aften kl.20. Og cphX julekalender HER


nice work

Cool cover and layout of the new architecture magazine "Nordic"created by Aldus father. And more work from his hand: ArkitekturM and Arkitekten.


todays inspiration

And this FILM where John Cleese speaks about creativity and how you can either support it or kill it. Is a must see, I like it! Thanks Kristina.


kunstnernes efterårsudstilling

Some of my favorites from this years exhibition.


herbert matter

inspiring stuff when you google HIS NAME. Found HERE among other interesting short films.

color crazy

Super fluo by COMMES DES GARSONS. Buy them HERE

#89 cut out interior tableaux

from this weekend...