on my wall

my fantastic new calligraphi set has been tested the last few days it's so funny that you just can't stop. Only disadvantage - black fingertips...and ink does not come of in a normal hand wash.


merry christmas

This is how my christmas card went out this year. Merry christmas to all of you.



december...ready, steady, GO!

1. December. Christmas month has started, and I have a feeling that this year will be soooo nice. Some of my sketches that might be used for this year's Christmas card.


almost bored to death...

Because of back pains I'm forced to lay down and do nothing....not my favorite at all! But in this case Pinterest is "toppen". I think I must have set some kind of record (in beeing bored as well!). Here is some of the nice leather stuff I found among a lot of other fine things (go to pinterest to see the links HERE)


Dear Santa...

I whish for THIS butterfly collection app. Pleeeeease. Just don't know if I can wait that long, though:)
INSPIRATION: Sweeping beauty by Niels Shoe Meulman



Grounded to the bed for a week! I already feeling desperately restless...
I'm trying to coach myself to enjoy not being busy...but it's so much more fun doing nothing when it's something you decide yourself. 



This weekend I have been stocked in my bed because of backache. Ouch! + very boring. Aldus and I've just seen a lot of movies and family have been over to nurse around a little. Hope the chiropractor can make miracles tomorrow. Pictures from last week, making my "offline pinterest" into nice look books.


Atelie in a corner

I'm trying to make a small studio in a corner of the apartment.
Now I'm just missing something to cover the floor with...and some frames:)
Until then I'll stick to paper cutting.



posters on my wall

cool color palette and some arty-farty stuf: INSPIRATION#1
Drawing with pen (and patience): INSPIRATION#2
German graphic designer: INSPIRATION#3


new books in house

The heavy blue book is designed by Aldus father, Adrian Täckman for Arkitektens Forlag, really nice layout! And the other one is my own work, a book in progress. Will show you some shots from the inside some day soon.


(And unfortunately it looks like it's no longer possible to comment (at least not anonymous) even though the settings are rigth. Does anybody know what might be wrong? You can post me a mail: stormrikke@gmail.com if you have any suggestions)


nail polish

borrow a dog

since we no longer have Missefrans we are in lack of "animal contact" and then it's a good thing to borrow a dog



jump around! Happy weekend to you all.


water color eksperiment

looks a bit like the "great art" I did back in kindergarten.Obviously still playing around and it is great fun. Wonder if my mum would get as happy as back then, to get one of these for christmas. Maybe not:) Free font for download at HOUSE INDUSTRIES