#80 I like stripes

stripes everywhere ... actually I am a little obsessed by this subject right now. The more colors the better. A few weeks ago. Nice week end to all:)

a grey monday in the forest

Less than one hour by train from Copenhagen city and you are in the middle of a huge forest. Our walk became very long...we got lost! What an adventure.

more Thorvaldsens

Finally I found my camera cable. These are pics from the trip to Thorvaldsens last week. Beautiful floors and ceilings everywhere. A lovely dusty atmosphere without interactive multimedia features and scenographic reinterpretations...a relief for a change:) A great day with a sweet friend.


Elmgreen & Dragset in Thorvaldsens

Went to see ELMGREEN & DRAGSET in THORVALDSENS MUSEUM. Nice to experience the old museum again, I havn't been there for more than 15 years. In particular, floors and ceilings are incredibly beautiful.


#79 from my sketchbook

Somehow I can make a lot of mess on my desk in two minutes. Sketches from a nice rainy summer evening.

a new beginning

For me this has been the longest and best summer ever (so far! And it's not even over yet!). In more than 10 years I have worked at the design agency KONTRAPUNKT and I am grateful for the experience it has given me. But now it's time to look around for new opportunities. SHE has a way of saying it that makes me happy!


#77 Collage day

Outside it was not exactly summer, inside Aldus and I did some funny bag robots.


#76 my embroidery doodles

Maybe I could learn how to draw with a needle.


danish summer#3

and then..."the farvorite motive":)

danish summer#2

...gray and windy cold and rainy...hot tea and mum's pancakes. That is "hygge"!

danish summer#1

...bright and sunny days blue sky and all smile.