I had a dream...

...I wanted to become a ballerina. I went to a very fine ballet school and was taught by Else Knipshildt who was always dressed in black tricot and very strict. She died in 1997. I stopped dancing when I turned 15. Other interests;)


#64 weekend cuttings

At the moment dots is in my head! Usually I like happy colors but this time I tried to be more colorless.


olafur eliason

amazing, fantastic, crazy experience at ARKEN today, tak for den gode idé J:) Unfortunately I had forgotten my camera. Katastrofe!


wood its

I'm a big post its fan! And these are so fine, made by MR_DESIGN from Japan. Found on INSPIRATION LAB.


record in slowlyness

Yesterday I just removed the last christmas stuff from my WALLS...this year is for sure a record in slowlyness:) So far the green letters are up again...



What a found! Niii(ce) letters to 20,- Bath.


I love surprises...

...look what was in my mailbox when I came back home from Thailand. A disco package filled with nice and cool stuff. I am so so happy. Thanks sweet SELMA, looking forward to seeing you when you're back in cph.


my pets

Most of these I've never met IRL, but I like them! Number two is Molly, my parents previous dog...it was a cute one!


luxury parquet (sticker) floor

...and I would not have been surprised if I had met the seven small dwarfs outside our door. A funny place on Phi Phi.

we are home again!

You might have noticed a lack of activity on the blog lately. This is where we have spend some happy weeks. South Thailand - "Ok, niii"-ce.