slow project

work in progress, this takes more than patience...a mini rug " mis miau" for the cat. Actually i'm working on the entire alphabet. I'll show you soms pix later:)(Maybe in some years...)



If you like dogs and star wars look HERE


#103 more drawings

I found my aquarel stuff...very dusty!
Nice links for graphical inspiration: WENDY and GIRRIT RITVELD ACADEMY



#102 drawings

It is a hundred years since I've been drawing things I can actually see, and I clearly feel that I've become a little rusty in this specific disiplin. But now I've decided to practice a little ...drawings from yesterday.


new stuff in storms kiosk

this interior-paper-collage-"workspace"-drawing is for sale in STORMS KIOSK.


the monsters...

Many years ago I made ​​these two monsters for Aldus, and although he never was much into teddies, these were his favorites:) Now I've made ​​a new small and fat monster friend to be given away as a gift. I think it's cute...:)


#101 big typo-poster

this weekend work in progress


#100 I did this

business card and mini promotion folder for Sofie Fribo. She is a young and talented tailor, cosyume designer, paperartist, production designer....and a very sweet girl.