#40 a little surprice for my dearest friend...

and one of the most loyal readers of this blog;)...Jeanette, I hope you like it!

my new old typo Catalogue

this huge book must contain some inspiration for my next typography projects. Thanks Adrian.


aldus is coming home tonight!

aldus has been away all week on school camp, tonight he's coming home, and I'm really looking forward to see him.

#39 more balance (in body and mind!)

see more balance stof UP SIDE DOWN BEE

# weekword: Balance

havn't had the time to make a new drawing, so here is an old one.


#38 the three Danish wierd characters...

æ, ø og å...I call this font: curly lulu

#37 new letters

my fabric collection

my mom taught me to sew patchwork. I had an idea that it was a little boring hobby, but it's actually relaxing. (However I try to keep a little distance from the more "romantic, traditional and proffesional" look! See under "craft" in the label.
Look here to find NICE FABRICS. And HERE (thanks Lisa for the link). And HERE


flea market and lunch with my sister.

nice friday

sushi and dance with two lovely girls at Vesterbro, friday night.


# hiding...

join the game. The week word "hiding" by ALL I EVER WANTED



(made by Aldus father some 12 years ago)

#36 old sketch "my backyard"


jennifer sanchez

See more of her work HERE


jaakko pallasvou

I really like the colors in this piece. See more of his work HERE

the perfect family

In this" doll book" you can find all the recipes for makeing the perfect family (unfortunately only "the knitting way"...;) ). Starts with clothes for the wedding, then excursions for forest and beach, and clothes for everyday life as well as festivities. The book is from 1969. cute and funny!


nice coloring book


one of my favorite shop in berlin

entering "Starstyling" is like setting your foot on a strange planet! HERE.
Check starstylings BLOG


berlin almost home

6. post (and the last): beautiful sunset, a very three dimensional experience.