matte stephens

I really love his illustrations. See more of his work HERE


old sewing book

Just found this cool sewing book in the bookcase. Look at the lady in the long dress...I want that dress!
Today we are going to a summerparty at the contryside.
Nice weekend to you.


Midsummer night

Yesterday we went out sailing. Almost real summerweather, nice food, lots of bonfires...and some hundred other that had the same good idea. A absolutely fantastic evening.


a ding

unfortunately I couldn't find any links, might have got the name wrong?


ole lund kirkegaard

Ole Lund Kirkegaard, one of my absolute favorite writers, I've been reading these books several times, just for myself. Love the illustrations as well.


cute kittens

3D postcards, another thing I collect...I will show you the rest soon.



Hip hip hurra, yesterday was Aldus birthday, he turned 12...next time he will be teenager! (Uff)
(And I'm back in "blog-business" after a small concussion, a deadline on job, and some birthdayparty)


hrafnkell birgisson

See some funny projects at hrafnkell's homepage HERE

george henry longly

I like the simplicity and the colors in these two works of George Henry Longly. See more HERE

children's activity book


is this beautiful? YES!

Isn't this just a beautiful idea? By JOSH BLACKWELL (Thank's Andrew)


#41 todays skeches

want to share this MUSIC with you. And THIS!