#30 "gækkebreve" happy easter

Sent four easter letters, all of them have been guessed! Pokkers!


Tokyo: going home

found this blind passenger in my bag. Totoro from "my neighbor totoro" by Hayao Miyazaki.

Tokyo: Roppongi Hills

Went to the top of ROPPONGI HILLS to see the city view, an overwhelming and astonishing experience. Cool art exhibition, THIS was my favorite piece. See more HERE.


Visited "the 100 years farm" in the Hiroshima mountains, to see the house Kontrapunkt designed. We expected spring and blooming cherry trees, but instead we had 7 inches of snow. A very beautiful and extremely cool experience. Mr. Takaki invited us all (ten people) to a drink in the tree house. Quite an extraordinary experience!

Tokyo: walking

first days in Tokyo, rain, rain and rain.


spring exhibition in Kunsthal charlottenborg

Today we spent some time at CHARLOTTENBORG SPRING EXHIBITION. This was some of our favorites:
"hide": Camilla Newhagen, "center of attention": Stefan Törner, "tømmerflåde": Stine Gro Petersen, "trajectories no.6": Dorte Persson, "the magnificent seven" Karen Bjelke.



My dearest friend Jeanette Skov made this cool print for me, I've had it for quite some time, and finally today I got it framed. Now I just have to find a nice place to hang it. Jeanette made it at BJARNE AGERBO's WORKSHOP, a really fantastic and inspiring place to be. (hope to go there soon again!)

"up here we escape the ratrace!!!"

Last week when the sun was shining, we passed the construction site at Nørreport Station and we suddenly noticed the letters on the roof top.


linoleum printings

At the moment, I am very fascinated by linoleum printing, it has to be one of my next project. One of my heroes, the writer and artist Dea Trier Mørch, made some amazing stuff in the 70s.


sabine finkenaruer

See more of sabine finkenauers work here, I like the simplicity and the beautiful color combinations.

#029 WOW drawings

I tried to impress my son by drawing a character (thrall) from WOW, which he used to play a lot. Aldus payed back by drawing the owl (moonkin)...I am quite impressed.
A little family "battle" is always good.


#028 typo poster

Did this poster as a study in different typography years ago.
The penguin is made by Aldus.