me too:)

new matchbox decorations

Aldus and I had a huge production of bead decorations before christmas, most of them for presents and now there is only three left for photo. As you might see two of the decoration is inspired by MINECRAFT HERE, HERE, one of Aldus's favorite games at the moment. Glow in the dark is a favorite too!


#96 a little of this and that...

A "almost no system" patchwork. Cup drawn by Aldus. And my new sketch book.


#95 nostalgia!

Today I found a folder with some of my old drawings. These I made many many years ago while I studied at the School of Architecture. Funny to see them again, unfortunatly it seems like I have lost some skills...too mush computer drawings:) Must keep up some day. Soon.



#94 idea and "sketch"book

Good ideas and nice pictures, patterns, letters, toys...found on blogs and in magazines. I always find something new and inspiring when I look through these books.